Reimagining ClickHouse - Cloud-Native Architecture

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On top of the new disaggregated compute and storage architecture and modified from open-source ClickHouse* database management system, the new cloud-native architecture can utilise resources more efficient and significantly reduce the infrastructure cost. 

Cloud-native ByteHouse platform performs query scheduling automatically to different virtual warehouse and leverage Kubernetes to manage the clusters, it significantly reduces the operation and maintenance cost. 

By leveraging cache, efficient metadata and data management, it achieves competitive performance as ClickHouse.

This eBook has three parts:

  1. ClickHouse introduction
  2. Challenges
  3. Cloud-Native Architecture



About ByteHouse

ByteHouse, part of ByteDance, provides data warehousing products and solutions for both cloud and on-premise deployment offering speed, scalability, and low maintenance and cost.

ByteDance is a global technology platform dedicated to creating innovative solutions to entertainment, collaboration, education, and business operations.




*ClickHouse is a trademark of ClickHouse, Inc.